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Today I was doing some edit­ing in Photoshop for my daughter’s school year­book. I spent a bit of time opti­miz­ing images, but mostly I did lots and lots of crop­ping, and I found myself frus­trated at some of the lim­i­ta­tions of the Crop tool. So I did what I always do when I find myself get­ing annoyed about a project: I go to the video2brain course library to see if I can find a les­son or two that will show me how to over­come what­ever obsta­cle I’m facing.

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My hus­band is an IT pro­fes­sional and got to try out Win­dows 8 before it was offi­cially released. I noticed imme­di­ately that some­thing was dif­fer­ent with his com­puter — it had all these col­or­ful and ever-​​changing squares and rec­tan­gles on the screen. [cont’d]

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New from video2brain: Bundles!

January 21, 2013

Astute observers may have noticed that, in addi­tion to indi­vid­ual courses and sub­scrip­tions, v2b recently started sell­ing bun­dles: mul­ti­ple courses on the same sub­ject pack­aged together at a dis­count price. Our first two bun­dles were Edge Ani­mate Inten­sive, which includes Tom Green’s Get­ting Started with Adobe Edge Ani­mate and Joseph Labrecque’s Edge Ani­mate Power Work­shop, and […]

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Putting an Image Inside Text Using Photoshop

January 15, 2013

When I was a kid I loved to play around with words and fonts. I would write the same word sev­eral times using a dif­fer­ent cre­ative style for each: big blocky let­ters with a bold marker, then del­i­cate ital­ics with a cal­lig­ra­phy pen, then all sparkly with glit­ter glue, etc. My seven-​​year-​​old daugh­ter does the same thing, only she uses the com­puter instead, mak­ing changes to fonts, styles, and col­ors super-​​easy. [cont’d]

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Brightening Dark Spots with Photoshop

January 11, 2013

I love look­ing at pho­tographs of for­eign places. Per­haps it’s because I rarely go any­where, so other people’s travel pho­tographs are like win­dows into an excit­ing and dif­fer­ent world for me. A great pho­to­graph can just pick me up and carry me away. Tim Grey’s “Prayer Sticks” image did that when I first saw it used as an exam­ple in one of his many excel­lent courses. Imag­ine how delighted I was to see the new course “Photoshop Artist in Action: Tim Grey’s ‘Prayer Sticks,’ ” a whole work­shop specif­i­cally devoted to that photograph!

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Getting Started with Muse

January 8, 2013

If you’re like me, you’ve always been inter­ested in web design, but the minute you start get­ting involved with acronyms like HTML and CSS, your head starts to hurt. Mer­ci­fully, Adobe has now come along with a solu­tion for us: Muse, which focuses on the visual aspects of design and keeps the tech­ni­cal details out of your hair. In his new course “Get­ting Started with Muse,” Jim Bab­bage walks you step by step through the com­plete process of cre­at­ing a web­site with Adobe Muse. [cont’d]

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iOS 6 Workshop

January 4, 2013

Apple prod­ucts are famous for being sim­ple; you are sup­posed to be able to just pick them up and use them with­out hav­ing to think too much about it. And while there’s a lot to be said for this approach, you some­times end up miss­ing out on cool fea­tures just because you never run across them. And some­times you get in the habit of doing some­thing a cer­tain way when there’s actu­ally a faster and eas­ier way to go about it. In his new “iOS 6 Work­shop,” Joseph Linaschke sys­tem­at­i­cally explores every facet of the oper­at­ing sys­tem that pow­ers iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. [cont’d]

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Creating 3D Objects from 2D Shapes with 3ds Max

January 1, 2013

As the hol­i­day sea­son draws to a close, I’ve been think­ing over how the hol­i­days now are dif­fer­ent than they were when I was grow­ing up. For one, computer-​​generated 3D graph­ics play such a large part in enter­tain­ment, and really in how we envi­sion ideas in gen­eral. [cont’d]

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Staying Dry and Learning JavaScript

December 22, 2012

It’s a rainy week­end here in the San Fran­cisco area, and I’m going to use the time to start learn­ing a lit­tle JavaScript with Joe Chellman’s recently released “Intro­duc­ing the JavaScript Lan­guage.” In case you’d like to do the same, use the code RAIN30 at check­out to get 30% off of this course, good through this com­ing Sunday. […]

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Happy Holidays from video2brain

December 20, 2012

Just 12 short months ago, we launched our English-​​language monthly and annual sub­scrip­tions. Since then, we’ve updated our iPad app to enable offline use and added an all-​​new, feature-​​rich Android app. There are now new ways to eas­ily track what you’ve viewed and to learn about new courses. And with our won­der­ful team of train­ers, we have pub­lished over 175 hours of CS6 train­ing and added sev­eral new top­ics to the library.… [cont’d]

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