Brightening Dark Spots with Photoshop

by Allisa Carter on January 11, 2013

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I love look­ing at pho­tographs of for­eign places. Per­haps it’s because I rarely go any­where, so other people’s travel pho­tographs are like win­dows into an excit­ing and dif­fer­ent world for me. A great pho­to­graph can just pick me up and carry me away.

Tim Grey’s “Prayer Sticks” image did that when I first saw it used as an exam­ple in one of his many excel­lent courses. Imag­ine how delighted I was to see the new course Photoshop Artist in Action: Tim Grey’s “Prayer Sticks,” a whole work­shop specif­i­cally devoted to that pho­to­graph! I had a feel­ing it would be awe­some, and it did not dis­ap­point. Watch and learn as Tim explains the moti­va­tion behind this image and his cre­ative vision for the final prod­uct. Along the way he shows you how to apply adjust­ments like con­vert­ing to black-​​and-​​white, adding a color tint, and enhanc­ing con­trast, as well as how to clean up the image and take it a step fur­ther with fil­ters and vignetting.

In this les­son, Tim demon­strates a sub­tle tech­nique for ton­ing down dis­tract­ing ele­ments of the scene. You’ll see how to first iden­tify areas that detract from the intended effect, then use a dodg­ing and burn­ing tech­nique with a soft brush to min­i­mize the dis­tract­ing fac­tors with­out los­ing the orig­i­nal tex­ture or feel. The end result is much more authen­tic than if you just used the Heal­ing Brush tool to remove the ele­ment alto­gether. Take a look and let me know if you agree.

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