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by Bill Cassel on July 11, 2012

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Sum­mer­time, and the living’s easy…but that doesn’t mean nothing’s hap­pen­ing. video2brain never sleeps, quite lit­er­ally: as an inter­na­tional com­pany, there is not a minute of the day or night when some­one, some­where isn’t work­ing to bring you more world-​​class train­ing. So over the next week this blog will take a look at what we’ll be adding to our library through the rest of this summer.

Let’s get started.…

Color Efex Pro 4 Workshop: In this course Richard West is your guide to Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4, a pow­er­ful and easy-​​to-​​use plug-​​in with dozens of inter­est­ing fil­ters that can be used for both cor­rec­tive and cre­ative pur­poses. Through series of short, easy-​​to-​​digest lessons, Richard explains the inter­face and work­flow, demon­strates the var­i­ous fil­ters, and shows you how to com­bine fil­ters and use Nik’s unique con­trol point tech­nol­ogy. You’ll also learn how to install the plug-​​in and how to access it from the host appli­ca­tion, whether you are using Photoshop, Light­room, or Aperture.

jQuery Mobile: Build­ing a Mobile Web­site: This work­shop from Can­dyce Mairs will get you up and run­ning as a mobile site devel­oper using the jQuery Mobile frame­work. You’ll learn the dif­fer­ence between jQuery Mobile and HTML pages and become famil­iar with the idea of using libraries and themes to fea­ture and style your mobile web­site. Then you’ll get started cre­at­ing and updat­ing pages in the mobile space, and even learn how to add fea­tures like a date picker for forms, a Twit­ter feed, and a photo gallery. Along the way you’ll see how to test your designs on a vari­ety of devices, includ­ing Apple and Android phones and tablets, to make sure they’re ready for prime time.

Adobe Flash Pro­fes­sional CS6: Learn by Video: Whether you’re new to Flash Pro­fes­sional or an old hand who needs a refresher and a guide to the new fea­tures in CS6, this course from Joseph Labrecque will teach you what you need to know. After cov­er­ing the application’s inter­face and tools, Joseph delves into both long­stand­ing fea­tures like the Flash Library and Action­Script and new fea­tures like the mobile sim­u­la­tor, sprite sheets, and PNG sequences.

Photoshop CS6 RAW Work­shop: Your camera’s RAW cap­ture capa­bil­ity gives you the poten­tial to cre­ate truly stun­ning images, and in this work­shop from Tim Grey, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Cam­era Raw 7 get opti­mal qual­ity from your RAW cap­tures with an effi­cient work­flow. After giv­ing you an overview of Cam­era Raw and how it works, Tim will teach you how to apply a wide vari­ety of adjust­ments to your images, from basic adjust­ments like crop­ping and sharp­en­ing, to advanced adjust­ments like HSL and split ton­ing, to focused adjust­ments like spot removal and grad­u­ated filters.

Get­ting Started with 3D in Auto­CAD: If you’re com­fort­able with 2D draw­ing in Auto­CAD and ready to start cre­at­ing and design­ing three-​​dimensional mod­els, this work­shop from Scott Onstott is for you. You’ll learn about 3D nav­i­ga­tion and wire­fram­ing; sur­face, solid, and mesh mod­el­ing tech­niques; design­ing and assign­ing mate­ri­als; plac­ing nat­ural and arti­fi­cial lights; and con­fig­ur­ing both direct and global illu­mi­na­tion ren­der­ing para­me­ters to cre­ate pho­to­re­al­is­tic ren­der­ings. With the 3D tech­niques you learn in this course, you’ll be ready to bring your designs one step closer to reality.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…stay tuned.…

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