Coming This Summer from video2brain (continued)

by Bill Cassel on July 16, 2012

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So how was your week­end? Mine was lovely, thanks for ask­ing. When last we met we were hav­ing a look at video2brain’s upcom­ing sum­mer releases…now where were we?

iBooks Author Work­shop: iBooks Author is a pow­er­ful page lay­out appli­ca­tion that allows you to inte­grate text, pho­tos, slideshows, video, audio, and even quizzes into your books. In this course Joseph Linaschke shows you around, start­ing with basics like adding pho­tos and video, flow­ing text around objects, insert­ing new chap­ters, and pre­view­ing your cre­ation on an iPad. Then you’ll learn how to cus­tomize lay­outs, use mas­ter objects, add slideshows and quizzes, and more. What­ever your project, from a text­book to a fam­ily album, this work­shop will help you make the most of what iBooks Author has to offer.

Adobe After Effects CS6: Learn by Video: In this in-​​depth course, Todd Kopriva and Angie Tay­lor teach you how to make the most of the incred­i­bly rich set of tools Adobe After Effects offers for cre­at­ing motion graph­ics, manip­u­lat­ing movies, and adding visual effects, includ­ing the new fea­tures in After Effects CS6. After get­ting an overview of the work­flow and the user inter­face, you will learn how to bring assets into After Effects and con­fig­ure the soft­ware for opti­mum per­for­mance. You’ll also learn a range of com­posit­ing fea­tures, includ­ing the new variable-​​width masks and 3D cam­era tracker fea­tures, as well as basic mask­ing and color key­ing. Tips on every­thing from trou­bleshoot­ing and avoid­ing com­mon prob­lems to cre­at­ing fin­ished movie files round out this 9-​​hour-​​plus course.

Fire­works CS6 Work­shop: Fire­works CS6 is the lat­est iter­a­tion of Adobe’s pow­er­ful web graph­ics and rapid inter­ac­tive pro­to­typ­ing tool, and in this course Tom Green gives you an overview of the Fire­works inter­face, the for­mats it can out­put, and its var­i­ous imag­ing tools. Along the way you’ll see how Fire­works inte­grates with Adobe Edge, Dreamweaver CS6, and other tools in the Adobe Mas­ter Col­lec­tion. Using a project-​​based approach to the tech­niques pre­sented, this course will help you under­stand where Fire­works fits into the work­flow for dig­i­tal media projects rang­ing from sim­ple web page pro­to­typ­ing to inter­face design for rich Inter­net applications.

Pre­miere Pro CS6 for Avid and Final Cut Pro Edi­tors: In this work­shop Maxim Jago presents a quick, easy-​​to-​​use guide for edi­tors who want to make the tran­si­tion from Avid Media Com­poser or Final Cut Pro to Adobe Pre­miere Pro, or even to move back and forth between appli­ca­tions. Pre­miere Pro CS6 sup­ports roundtrip edit­ing and offers great new fea­tures like dynamic trim­ming, the Warp Sta­bi­lizer, and Rolling Shut­ter Repair. And of course Pre­miere Pro makes it easy for you to har­ness the power of the entire Adobe Cre­ative Suite to help you with every­thing from writ­ing scripts and cre­at­ing titles to cap­tur­ing live video and track­ing metadata.

Is that all video2brain has on tap for this sum­mer? Cer­tainly not! But that’s enough for now. See you next time.

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