Exploring CSS Positioning

by Bill Cassel on May 31, 2012

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In her brand-​​spanking-​​new video2brain course Explor­ing CSS Posi­tion­ing, Can­dyce Mairs offers clear, point-​​by-​​point train­ing on this impor­tant but some­times con­fus­ing topic. You’ll learn how HMTL and CSS work together to deter­mine how a web page looks, and how to speak the lan­guage of the browser so you can get exactly the results you want in your designs.

Pre­view­ing is cru­cial; you need to pre­view your pages mul­ti­ple times in mul­ti­ple browsers to make sure they will work for every­one when they get out there into the world. In this free video from the course, Can­dyce explains how a good HTML edi­tor can greatly sim­plify the pre­view­ing process.

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