Getting Started with Muse

by Bill Cassel on January 8, 2013

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If you’re like me, you’ve always been inter­ested in web design, but the minute you start get­ting involved with acronyms like HTML and CSS, your head starts to hurt. Mer­ci­fully, Adobe has now come along with a solu­tion for us: Muse, which focuses on the visual aspects of design and keeps the tech­ni­cal details out of your hair.

In his new course Get­ting Started with Muse, Jim Bab­bage walks you step by step through the com­plete process of cre­at­ing a web­site with Adobe Muse. After show­ing you around the inter­face, Jim teaches you how to plan, design, pop­u­late, and pub­lish your site — all with­out get­ting bogged down in code.

To get an idea of what this course — and Adobe Muse — are all about, check out this free video where Jim shows you how easy it is to pub­lish a site in Muse:

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