iBooks Author Workshop

by Bill Cassel on August 8, 2012

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The book­mak­ing process sure has come a long way since the days when monks used to copy an entire book by hand. Today it is a snap to cre­ate your own elec­tronic books using a tool like iBooks Author, the sub­ject of Joseph Linaschke’s lat­est video2brain course.

In his iBooks Author Work­shop, Joseph shows you how sim­ple it is to cre­ate, cus­tomize, and pub­lish your own eBook (or in this case, iBook). And of course, unlike an old-​​fashioned book, an iBook can con­tain not just text and images, but audio, video, slideshows, inter­ac­tive quizzes, and more.

For a free pre­view, check out this free video where Joseph demon­strates how to cre­ate and apply your own cus­tom lay­outs in iBooks Author:

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