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by Bill Cassel on June 21, 2012

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If you’re a video edi­tor or want to be one, this is a good time for you to make friends with video2brain. We’ve added sev­eral great video titles to our library in the last cou­ple months and have sev­eral more com­ing up.

Hot off the presses is Chad Perkins’ Get­ting Started with Speed­Grade CS6. Chad is an accom­plished film­maker and in this course he shares what he knows about the art of color grad­ing in gen­eral, and the new Adobe Speed­Grade CS6 in par­tic­u­lar. You’ll learn how to per­form a basic color grade, cre­ate looks, mask footage, apply grades to mul­ti­ple clips, and much more. You’ll also be ini­ti­ated into some of the sub­tler aspects of color grad­ing, such as blend­ing dif­fer­ent adjust­ments to get unique effects, which Chad explores in this free video.

Also recently released is Maxim Jago’s Adobe Pre­miere Pro CS6: Learn by Video. In this big, in-​​depth course (15 hours, give or take), Maxim gives you the VIP tour of Adobe’s pow­er­ful and ever-​​improving non­lin­ear edi­tor. You’ll learn how to bring mul­ti­ple media types into Pre­miere Pro, com­bine them to pro­duce pro­fes­sional edits, apply effects, add titles, work with audio, and out­put to mul­ti­ple for­mats, includ­ing DVD, Blu-​​ray, and files. For a taste check out this free video, where Maxim demon­strates JKL Dynamic Trim­ming, a great new fea­ture in Pre­miere Pro CS6 that dra­mat­i­cally speeds up trim­ming on the Timeline.

If you want to get to work quickly and pre­fer a more stream­lined course, you might pre­fer Maxim’s Get­ting Started with Pre­miere Pro CS6. In this course you’ll be intro­duced to the inter­face, learn edit­ing essen­tials, and quickly get up to speed on tran­si­tions, audio, spe­cial effects, and titles. In this free les­son, you’ll see how to add spe­cial effects to a Pre­miere Pro project, as well as how to remove them and cus­tomize them by chang­ing their settings.

For the advanced edi­tor who has to han­dle large amounts of gigan­tic media files, we have the Pre­lude CS6 Work­shop from Maxim Jago (there’s that man again). You’ll learn how to use this spe­cial­ized appli­ca­tion orga­nize, ingest, transcode, tag, com­ment, sub­clip, and build a rough cut. Then you’ll see how easy it is to move what you’ve done over to Pre­miere Pro — as this free video demonstrates.

And it doesn’t stop there — we’ve got lots more video titles sched­uled to be released in the next few months, including:

Light­room 4 Video Workshop

iMovie for iPad
Adobe After Effects CS6: Learn by Video
Pre­miere Pro CS6 for Avid and Final Cut Pro Editors

Get­ting Started with After Effects CS6

If there’s a par­tic­u­lar title you have your eye on, just go to its page and click the Notify me but­ton — then you’ll get an email inform­ing you when that course is available!

  • Musique101


    Will it be pos­si­ble to make Cin­ema 4D R13 train­ing video? I would love to see that from you guys.


  • Sen­tral

    Why no videos for Motion 5?

  • Dbrod­nitz

    Hi Sen­tra and Musique101,
    We’re aim­ing to add both Motion and Cin­ema courses to the library. Thanks a lot for the feed­back!
    –Dan Brod­nitz, direc­tor of content

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