Patch Tool Updates in Photoshop CS6

by Allisa Carter on June 6, 2012

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When a new ver­sion of a favorite pro­gram comes out, are you more excited or scared? It seems like change can strike fear into the hearts of even the most vet­eran soft­ware users because they know the pre­vi­ous ver­sion so well — it’s like a trusted best friend, who may have a few flaws, but you’ve learned to live with them (or work around them). Well, no need to worry about find­ing your way around Adobe Photoshop CS6, because Tim Grey and Olaf Gier­mann have got you cov­ered with their new course Photoshop CS6: New Fea­tures Work­shop. It will get you quickly up to speed on all that’s new and excit­ing in Photoshop CS6 so you can start tak­ing advan­tage of the new fea­tures imme­di­ately with none of the feared “bum­bling around” (and yes that is the tech­ni­cal term for it) you might pre­vi­ously have expe­ri­enced with new software.

For exam­ple, in this free les­son, Tim demon­strates some awe­some changes to the Patch tool. You’ll be thrilled to learn that you can now use the Content-​​Aware fea­ture with the Patch tool and work on a sep­a­rate layer. What’s that you hear? It’s a big hooray from those of us who reg­u­larly end up say­ing “Hey, how did that get into my oth­er­wise per­fect photo?!” The updated Patch tool makes it even quicker and eas­ier to remove unwanted ele­ments from your images, as you’ll see.

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