Putting an Image Inside Text Using Photoshop

by Allisa Carter on January 15, 2013

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When I was a kid I loved to play around with words and fonts. I would write the same word sev­eral times using a dif­fer­ent cre­ative style for each: big blocky let­ters with a bold marker, then del­i­cate ital­ics with a cal­lig­ra­phy pen, then all sparkly with glit­ter glue, etc. My seven-​​year-​​old daugh­ter does the same thing, only she uses the com­puter instead, mak­ing changes to fonts, styles, and col­ors super-​​easy.

My go-​​to pro­grams when doing some­thing cre­ative that involves text are Adobe Illus­tra­tor or InDe­sign. How­ever, Tim Grey’s new course Photoshop CS6 Text Work­shop really opened my eyes to some of the great things you can do with text directly in Photoshop. This course cov­ers the basics of adding and cus­tomiz­ing text using Photoshop’s tools and pre­sets, as well as more advanced tech­niques like apply­ing fil­ter effects and adding text on a path.

I was inspired to try out the tech­nique for putting an image inside text. I had seen this effect before, but assumed it would be more com­pli­cated than I had time and/​or energy for. Tim made it look pretty cool though, so I picked an image of my own and fol­lowed along as he showed me how to do it. I used a shot of the sun com­ing up on a misty morn­ing that I took with my cam­era phone. It’s fairly aver­age as a stand­alone image, but it worked out well for this project and I had a lot of fun play­ing around with font size and styles. I encour­age you to take a look at this free les­son and give it a try yourself!

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