Three New HMTL5 Courses from Andy Olsen and video2brain

by Denise Lincoln on June 14, 2012

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If you’ve vis­ited the video2brain site recently, you may have noticed that we have some great new web devel­op­ment titles, includ­ing three new courses on HTML5. I’m the acqui­si­tions edi­tor and pro­ducer for these courses, and I’m really excited to be able to tell you about them because they not only teach you the ins and outs of HTML5, they also pro­vide you with the oppor­tu­nity to build real-​​world HTML5 pro­grams with the instruc­tor. So whether you’re a graphic artist or up-​​and-​​coming web devel­oper, our new series on HTML5 is a great place to learn the basics and then hone your HTML5 skills.

The series begins with Core HTML5 and CSS3 Web Devel­op­ment, in which devel­oper, con­sul­tant, and trainer Andy Olsen intro­duces you to HTML5. In this course you’ll learn why HTML 5 is such a pow­er­ful web devel­op­ment solu­tion, explor­ing fea­tures like seman­tic tags, the new selec­tor API form input con­trols, improved acces­si­bil­ity, and much more. You’ll also learn how to inte­grate HTML5 with CSS3 so you can explore trans­form­ers, selec­tors, and web fonts and cre­ate effects like drop shad­ows and rounded cor­ners, as shown in this free video from the course:

Andy fol­lowed up with the recently released HTML5 Power Work­shop, where you can explore how to cre­ate sophis­ti­cated web appli­ca­tions with HTML5’s new APIs. This is where the fun really starts as you walk through cre­at­ing scripts that use geolo­ca­tion and get your feet wet cre­at­ing your first mobile devel­op­ment site. You’ll also learn all about web sock­ets, Web SQL, and web work­ers so you can really get to work cre­at­ing more com­plex and pow­er­ful web appli­ca­tions with HTML5. In this free video, Andy shows you how to imple­ment an HTML5 mobile user inter­face using jQuery Mobile:

To com­plete the series, Andy recorded the upcom­ing Dynamic HTML5 Pro­gram­ming Work­shop. This new course will not only round out your HTML5 IQ, it will pro­vide you with the oppor­tu­nity to do some really fun stuff with your new­found knowl­edge. You will learn to play audio and video in your browser with­out the aid of plug-​​ins and explore how to cre­ate really fan­tas­tic graph­ics using the can­vas ele­ment and scal­able vec­tor graph­ics (SVG). Andy will also walk you through the ins and outs web stor­age and data man­age­ment, and you’ll get the chance to do what you’ve always wanted: cre­ate a real game using HTML5 and CSS3.

As you’ll see, HTML5 is a truly pow­er­ful way to cre­ate web appli­ca­tions. But more than that, it’s fun! I hope you enjoy these new courses.

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