Train Offline, Anytime with the New video2brain iPad App

by Bill Cassel on April 19, 2012

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In an ideal world, learn­ing would be both easy and fun. Now I’m not say­ing that we at video2brain are on the verge of bring­ing about a true utopia, one in which birds, lemurs, and, yes, alli­ga­tors frolic. But we do think the lat­est ver­sion of our iPad app is a step in the right direction.

Were you at unof­fi­cial v2b head­quar­ters here in sunny Alameda, CA today, you would have seen two grown men fight­ing over who gets to play with the new video2brain app next. Admit­tedly we’re biased, but we were fairly blown away by what this lat­est ver­sion can do.

In addi­tion to mak­ing it easy and smooth to nav­i­gate around the courses, watch train­ing in Full-​​Screen mode, and add new train­ing to your library, ver­sion 2.0 now sup­ports offline train­ing, so you can down­load full courses from within the app. This means that you can upgrade your skills on a plane, a train, or an auto­mo­bile (though prefer­ably not while dri­ving). And of course, the app is 100% free.

If you’ve got an iPad handy, try it for your­self by click­ing over to iTunes and down­load­ing the app.

Even if you don’t own any v2b courses, you can still watch hun­dreds of free videos online, or test-​​drive the offline expe­ri­ence by down­load­ing one of our many free courses, such as After Effects CS6: New Fea­tures Work­shopPre­miere Pro CS6: New Fea­tures Work­shop, and Photoshop CS6 Beta: Tim Grey’s Top 10.

If you do own v2b courses, when you log in you’ll now be able to down­load them from within the app. And if you’re a Plat­inum sub­scriber, you can log in and down­load any (any!) course in the English-​​language library you’d like.

Try out the app today and see what a dif­fer­ence offline train­ing makes — and please drop us a line at (or add a com­ment here) and let us know what you think.

Ah… but what about Android tablets, you might very rea­son­ably be ask­ing? Do you hear that low rum­ble on the hori­zon? Some­thing Android this way comes.…

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