Using the Tone Curve in Lightroom 4

by Allisa Carter on May 25, 2012

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Don’t you hate it when some­thing is ever-​​so-​​slightly wrong with a pho­to­graph? I’m not talk­ing about dras­ti­cally off — maybe it’s a smidge out of focus or the col­ors are just sub­tly the wrong tone. It makes your eyes hurt try­ing to adjust for it, and when you try to fix it, you’ll often over­cor­rect and still end up with an image that’s not quite right. That’s where Adobe Photoshop Light­room 4 can really help you out, and Mikkel Aaland’s new course Adobe Photoshop Light­room 4: Learn by Video is just the resource to show you how.

In this free les­son Mikkel shows you how to fine-​​tune your image using the Tone Curve panel. You’ll learn how to use the para­met­ric tone curve and also the more pow­er­ful point curve to make your image look fan­tas­tic. And if you like the results you get, check out the rest of the course; you’ll learn how to import, man­age, orga­nize, opti­mize, and share your images with Light­room 4, and be intro­duced to excit­ing new fea­tures like the Book and Map modules.

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