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by Thomas Lauter on November 12, 2012

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We’ve added some new fea­tures to the site this week that we think will make it eas­ier for you to get the most out of the video2brain library, keep track of what you’ve already viewed, and find courses and videos that you’re inter­ested in.

Track Your Progress

One of the most fre­quently requested fea­tures has been an easy way to see what lessons you’ve viewed, so you can track where you are in a course. In the past, this was pos­si­ble if you down­loaded our courses or used our apps, but not on the site.

Book­marked and watched lessons on the video2brain website

Now, when you watch a les­son on the site, a check­mark appears next to that video. This will hap­pen auto­mat­i­cally from here on out, but you can also tog­gle these check­marks on and off if you want to mark videos you watched in the past.

Cre­at­ing Bookmarks

You can also now book­mark a course or les­son that you want to revisit by click­ing the star icon on the course page, in the table of con­tents, or on the video page. If you want to see all your book­marked con­tent, just visit My Watch­list in the (updated) My video2brain area that shows up as soon as you log in to the site.

We think the site book­mark fea­ture will be espe­cially help­ful if you’re a sub­scriber. Now you have an easy way to pick out the courses that you’re most inter­ested in and put them all in one handy place.

Keep­ing All Devices in Sync

But you don’t need to buy a course or sub­scribe to the library to use these fea­tures. Any­one with a free video2brain account can add book­marks and keep track of viewed lessons. And if you’re using our free Android or iPad apps, and you log in to your account there, you will see that your viewed lessons and book­marked con­tent are all in sync.

Book­marked and watched lessons in the video2brain app (Android)

More Details to Discover

On the course pages you’ll also find small icons rep­re­sent­ing the soft­ware used in the course. These link to a page ded­i­cated to that topic or soft­ware, which makes it easy for you to dis­cover related courses in your field of inter­est or sign up to receive auto­mated alerts when­ever a new course is added in that area.

Ref­er­ences to the soft­ware used in the training

There are many small improve­ments through­out the site for you to dis­cover and we have lots more fea­tures in devel­op­ment. Leave us a com­ment here to let us know what you think and what you’d like to see com­ing soon to a video2brain near you. Or drop me a line directly at

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